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Turbo 400 Transmission Hydramatic Turbine 400 Service Manual

A fully text-searchable pdf version

This manual is designed to provide detailed information

necessary to service and repair the TurboHydramatic / Turbine 400
transmission listed on the cover.
a) Technical Information and reference
b) Disassembly and reassembly of the transmission
c) Transmission identification chart
d) Auto trans fundamentals

Below is a list of procedures covered in this manual:
•REMOVAL OF MAJOR COMPONENTS FROM THE TRANSMISSION CASE ◦Governor. Speedometer Driven Gear, Oil Pan. Strainer and Intake Pipe Removal
◦Control Valve Assembly. Governor Pipes and Detent Spring Assembly – Removal
◦Rear Servo. Solenoid. Connector. ValveBody Spacer. Gasket. Front Servo.Manual Detent and Park Linkage Removal
◦Rear Oil Seal and Extension Housing Removal
◦Turbine Shaft. Forward Clutch. Direct Clutch. Front Band. Sun Gear Shaft Intermediate Clutch. Center Support- Removal
◦Disassembly of the Gear Train Assembly
◦Governor Assembly
◦Front Servo Disassembly. Inspection and Reassembly
◦Rear Servo Disassembly, Inspection and Reassembly
◦Control Valve Assembly. Disassembly. Inspection and Reassembly
◦Oil Pump Disassembly. Inspection and Reassembly
◦Forward Clutch Disassembly. Inspection and Reassembly
◦Direct Clutch and Intermediate Sprag Disassembly. Inspection and Reassembly
◦Center Support and Intermediate Clutch Disassembly. Inspection and Reassembly
◦Inspection of the Reaction Carrier. Rear Sprag and Output Carrier Assembly
◦Pinion Replacement Procedure
◦Inspection of the Output Shaft
◦Inspection of the Rear Internal Gear
◦Inspection of the Sun Gear
◦Inspection of the Sun Gear Shaft
◦Inspection of the Turbine Shaft
◦Inspection of the Mainshaft
◦Inspectioll of the Front and Rear Bands
◦Inspection of the Case Extension
◦Inspection of the Modulator Valve
◦Inspection of Manual and Parking Linkage
◦Inspection of the Case Assembly
◦Inspection of the Torque Converter
◦Assembly of the Rear Unit
◦Assembly of Units Into the Transmission Case
◦Rear Extension Housing Assembly
◦Installation of Manual Linkage
◦Installation of Check Balls. Front Servo. Gaskets. Spacer and Solenoid
◦Installation of Rear Servo Assembly
◦Installation of the Control Valve Assembly and Governor Pipes
◦Installation of the Modulator Valve and Vacuum Modulator
◦Installation of the Governor Assembly
◦Installation of the Speedometer DrivenGear Assembly

◦Hydraulic Operation
◦Diagnosis Chart
◦Diagnosis Procedure
◦Diagnosis Sequence

The format of the manual is designed to be followed in its
entirety if complete disassembly and reassembly of the
transmission is necessary.
Easy to read exploded views to make easy
identification, careful disassembly, accurate
adjustment, and correct repairs.

All sections are neatly organized in Adobe Acrobat,very clean, sharp images that are scalable to
several times normal size. Tons of crystal clear
illustrations, specifications, lots of pictures, step-by-
step instructions, special tool info etc.

This is like the original manual the only difference is this
one is not paper, You get it, Zoom it, print it, save it, close
it. Print a few pages at a time, as you need; no
need to lug that bulky binder around anymore!