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Thank you for selecting the revolutionary PROFORM®
770 EKG treadmill. The 770 EKG treadmill combines
advanced technology with innovative design to help
you get the most from your exercise program in the
convenience and privacy of your home. And when
you’re not exercising, the unique 770 EKG can be
folded up, requiring less than half the floor space of
other treadmills.
For your benefit, read this manual carefully before
using the treadmill. If you need more information, call
our Customer Service Department at 1-888-936-4266,
Monday through Friday 8h00 until 18h30 Eastern Time
(excluding holidays). To help us assist you, please
note the product model number and serial number before
calling. The model number of the treadmill is
PCTL99010. The serial number can be found on a
decal attached to the treadmill (see the front cover of
this manual for the location).