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For blues harmonica players of ALL levels: a set of 11 jam tracks (46 minutes total) plus a 58-minute video by Adam Gussow in which he shows you how to play along with each track, offering a wealth of tips, hints, and suggestions to help you make the most of your practice time.

“Play Along Sessions” (2007) is the creation of the Hills Blues Collective, a well-known Dutch trio featuring Martin “Hills” van Heuvelen (bass), Little Steve (guitar), and Theo Thumper (drums). The eleven tracks, professionally recorded, feature shuffle, swing, rhumba, rock, funk, and slow blues grooves–the core of the urban blues tradition–in the keys of D, E, F, G, and A.

In order to play along with all the tracks, players will need harps in the keys of A, B-flat, C, and D. (Only one track requires a B-flat.) On two of the songs, a G harp will also work.

Below is a songlist with harp keys:

# / song / (harp key)
1. T-Ford (C)
2. Thumping(C)
3. Bad Rum (C 3rd pos. or G)
4. Swinging Steve (A)
5. Chicago Swing(B-flat)
6. Shuffling Apples (D)
7. Sweeping (A)
8. Moving to Texas (A)
9. Dancing Annie (D)
10. Biscuits (Dm) C 3rd pos. or G 11. Sam Looking for Dave (C)

A player who practices regularly with this set of jam tracks will pave the way for future success at jam sessions, in bands and pickup gigs, and at recording sessions.

Adam Gussow, who teaches blues music, literature, and culture at the University of Mississippi, is a noted blues harmonica player and instructor. A member of the Harlem blues duo Satan and Adam for more than twenty years, he has taught thousands of harmonica players how to raise their game and achieve their dreams.